Hi! I'm Ina (pronounced like eye-na :-)). I'm a wife, mom x 3, vegetarian wanna be vegan, allergic to, but lover of cats and all animals, smoothie drinker, tea sipper, former cheese addict & current sweets addict, #everythingisbetterinPINK girl, a new lover of lipstick, the friend you call to vent, kind, calm, super organized and hard working. I love event planning. I live for empowering women and bringing people together. Meeting new people on a personal level brings me serious joy. My ultimate goal is to raise my three daughters to be kind, confident, caring, intelligent women.


I have both my MBA and MSRE degrees and am a Licensed Broker  with a background in commercial real estate.

I started this company with my sister to give all women the opportunity to do something fun, exciting and/or new! 


My favorite quote is:

"Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" ~Albert Einstein


Ina Jones

Hi Guys! I'm Lena & I love planning! I have over 10 years of experience in planning & managing an array of events that have taken me to multiple countries. From grand openings and product launches, to photo shoots and private events… I have you covered! 


I am a HUGE chocoholic who has unfortunately passed that on to my two amazing daughters. When I’m not planning, I love traveling to new places and facing my fears whenever I can! 

My background in design and accounting makes me the perfect “Left-Brain, Right-Brian” mix, giving me the vital ability to think creatively while organizing the many aspects that come with planning.

I love putting together events that get ladies up & out!


My favorite quote is:

"Girls Just Want to Have FUN" ~ Cyndi Lauper


Lena Dorsey

Hello everyone! I have over 10 years’ experience in management and event planning. I’ve recently started a new career that focuses on event planning and TV/film production on shows such as Chicago PD and America's Got Talent. I have a BA in Communication so now I’m officially qualified to communicate with everyone!


I’m a mother of 3 so organizing and event management comes second nature to me. Event planning has always been my favorite thing to do. I love the whole process of starting with an idea and creating something that surpasses your expectations.


Fun Facts About Me:


  • I’ve traveled to 4 countries: Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Canada and 9 states: St Louis, Atlanta, Florida, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana.

  • I am always the life of the party! When things aren’t moving in the right direction, I find myself taking over. 

  • My ultimate goal is to be a super producer like my idol Shonda Rhimes.

My favorite quote is:

“If this is something that you really want to do, if you believe in it … simply keep forging forward because success will come.”

Event Planner

Andrea Ward

My name is Heather Zimmerman. I am from Palatine & moved to Chicago a few years ago. I enjoy the busy atmosphere of Chicago and how beautiful it is. In my free time I love to play sports, go on fun runs and I enjoy cooking. I graduated from Benedictine University with a bachelor's in organizational leadership.


I enjoy planning events that bring people together to have a great time. I am very adventurous so I love to plan different events that people normally don't get to go to on a daily basis. I have worked in the restaurant industry as a bartender and server for many years and was ready to take those skills to start planning events for people.  


Fun Facts About Me:


  • I am a huge Cubs fan, so HUGE that I went to game 7 of the world series in Cleveland!

  • I am training for the Chicago Marathon

  • I took a random day trip to Boston to go out to dinner

  • I have two dogs; a beagle Boston terrier and a pit boxer

My favorite quote is:

"Work hard. Play hard."

Event Planner

Heather Zimmerman


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